Our Philosophy 

Children have a natural intrinsic motivation to learn and explore.  We believe that children learn best by having experiences, opportunities, activities that we are exposed to each day as growing teens/adults.  The experiences help shape a child into what is socially acceptable.  These opportunities help build and allow children to socially self-sufficiency and adapt.  


Activities that support the curriculum and PA standards & STEM prepare children with life skills while connecting real concepts.  Music provides stimulation and repetition which we are exposed to before birth.  It appeals to auditory and kinesthetic learners while exposing them to components of Math (rhythm and beat).  Creative Community promotes movement because studies have shown that children reciprocate more while they are active.


Each week we will engage in examples of yoga, dancing, and other gross motor activities to stimulate your child(ren)'s physical needs.  Creative play is the way each of us learns in some form or fashion.  This is explored through creative expression, problem-solving, imagination and using developmental skills.  When we support and foster these skills they produce long-term effects that last into adulthood.